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Can you help me explain what a surrogate mother is?

My husband has a friend, who's wife can't carry a baby, due to serious health problems. They are looking into getting a surrogate mother, but my husbands friend, said that it would'nt be his and his wife's baby, it would be the person carrying it. I tried to tell him that it would be theirs because it will be his sperm and her egg, implanted in her uterus, but he won't listen. He also does'nt like the fact, that the baby, will have the surrogate mother's blood running through it's veins. I told him that I was going to show him all of the answers, regarding this question, so that he will believe what i'm telling him. People please tell him what a surrogate mother is, thanks.Can you help me explain what a surrogate mother is?
i'm a surrogate mother

There are two kinds of surrogant mothers

Tradtional surrogacy is where the lady carrying the beby uses her egg and the intended dad's sperm or donor sperm to concieve a baby through IUI.

A gestational surrogant is a Incubator so to speak. Nothing about the baby is part of them. they can use an egg donor and sperm donor, the mother's eggs ans a sperm donor, the intended mother egg and father sperm, or an egg donor and the fathers sperm. This process is done through IVF either with fresh embrio of frozen embrio transfer.

If you have other questions please feel free to e-mail me at I am more then happy to answer more indepth questions. It's a huge step and you need to know as much about it as you can.

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A person who cares a baby to term for you. like usin' your eggs or someone elses in a person for you because you cannot for reasons that are none of my businessCan you help me explain what a surrogate mother is?
A surrogate mother is only the oven that holds the turkey...The oven is not the turkey's mother, it is just that, the oven that cooks the turkey for 9 long months and then TADA a baby comes out that looks like the mother and father...your husbands friends. I have a friend who is a surrogate mother. The parents of the child are there every step of the way, the baby that is inside her is their child their DNA. The only reason the surrogate is needed is because they want to have a child that is their flesh and blood and this is the only possible way. The Egg and the Sperm of the parents are mixed together and then implanted in the uterous (kinda like invetro) the baby will inherit all the regular things the parents have (even blood type) My baby, even though I carried her for 9 months has a different blood type than me.

Sperm+Egg=baby...(actually they usually put in several eggs and sperm in the uterous so that the chances of one attatching itself to the uterin wall is greater)
**link 1** Surrogacy refers to an arrangement whereby a woman agrees to become pregnant for the purpose of gestating and giving birth to a child for others to raise. She may be the child's genetic mother or not, depending on the type of arrangement agreed to.

The word surrogate just means appointed to act in the place of.

A surrogate mother is a woman who carries a child for a couple or single person with the intention of giving that child to that person/people once the being is born (also called surrogate pregnancy). The surrogate mother may be the baby's biological mother (traditional surrogacy) or she may be implanted with someone else's fertilized egg (gestational surrogacy).

**link 2** Hi, I'm Lucy and I am a surrogate mother. Welcome to my home page as I take you on my journey of love through surrogacy...

Hope this helps!
I'm a surrogate mother. I'm carring a baby, right now for a couple. All I can say, is that I have her egg and her husband's sperm. They have been looking into this for 7mths now. This is all! Sorry, I can't say anymore.
Your wife is right. A surrogate mother would carry the baby for a husband and wife that cannot have a child. They just have to make sure everything is done thru a lawyer and using his sperm makes it even more legal and her eggs. They are implanted into another body to just to help have the child. But it is there's. Pem
That depends on if his wife has healthy eggs. If she has healthy eggs that can be used, they take her eggs and his sperm, let them combine, and place the fertilized egg in a surrogate mother. The surrogate mother's blood never interacts with the baby unless she has to have an episiotimy during labor. This is just a medical fact, the mutrients from her blood and oxygen from her blood is absorbed by the baby, but their blood doesnt mingle, that is the only way many babies are born without AIDS. Some women don't have healthy eggs. However, many women going through this turn to family, so the baby has their blood at least. A lot of women going through this will ask sisters, close cousins, etc about donating an egg. I have a heath condition that had me worried for years about exactly that, and my sister said that she would be my surrogate mother to whatever lengths needed, if I wanted, and she would happly sign over parental rights to me so the child would be mine. Besides, he should realize that it is a beautiful thing to have a child, period, not if its hers or his, whose blood is in it, etc....its a baby and theirs, that is what truly matters.
When a fertilized egg is implanted into a women for the purpose of hosting the pregnancy, the host is considered a surrogate. Your friend will also find comfort in the fact that the blood systems of the baby is independent of the mother. The placenta is where the exchange of nutrients takes place. Nutrients and waste is exchanged between baby and host via the placenta and save for complications there is minimal exposure to either baby or mother/host of the others blood. This explains how a baby can have a different blood type from mom!


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